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Strategy & Insights 

Brands and products strive to create value to attract consumer attention and money. In MobyDig, we understand that data management and interpretation are crucial for generating deep insight, and insight is the foundation for strategy.


The main goal in this area is to answer "what" to do and "how" to do it. During this phase, we provide solutions driven by market intelligence from clients and partners.

Content , Operation & Execution

When the most inspired strategy lacks proper execution, the risk of failure increases.

To minimize execution risks, MobyDig tightly controls Content Production, Quality, Costs, and Delivery Times.

This process goes from creating and adapting social media posts to more complex platforms such as digital apps, SEM, or audiovisual production.

Distribution / Reach

Where to promote content at the lowest cost, differentiating cost and value. We define Influencers, Media and effort level to reach user segments susceptible to acquire your product(s).

MobyDig controls and synchronizes all client's platforms KPIs with paid media KPIs (CPA, CPM, CPC, CPV, etc.) Otherwise, we would be navigating without a compass, unaware of the execution results of the marketing plan.

Training and Support

In this time, when digital media and distribution channels have evolved and become more horizontal, fast innovation and adaptation have become clear priorities for all organizations. However, teams struggle with deciding where to focus, as the rapid pace of change has introduced an ever growing number of metrics and structural changes in their organizations.

MobyDig offers training sessions on ad-hoc digital marketing to help teams navigate towards the same North. This investment provides understanding business metrics and discerning which of those metrics are relevant to the business and which are not. Standardizing knowledge allows devising a unified set of KPIs, promoting an effective integration and interaction between teams.



MobyDig provides Solutions to marketing challenges. We focus on what matters, not only on what is possible.

This is an era of hyper-connected users, they have put all brands to compete on the same level. However, marketing execution without strategy creates noise that nobody wants to hear. MobyDig gather and integrate experienced talent to support and solve client's marketing tasks, avoiding noise and aiming quantifiable innovation. 




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